Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seth Returns to PCH for round 3....but there is GREAT news

Seth returned to the hospital today to begin round 3 of the Chemo. This round will consist of 5 days of chemo, type A and E...whatever that means :) They are tough doses and they expect his eyes will take the brunt of this round, meaning they will be ever vigilant with eye drops and expect to see some red eyes.

So, I promised test results as soon as I got them....

CT Scan: Clear!!!!!! This means all the masses they found in the beginning have shrunk/disappeared. They still see residual in the jaw bone area, but this is as they expected and say you may see that in scans in the future.

Bone marrow aspirate and Lumbar puncture: What they were hoping for in these tests is to see a 5% or less concentration of the Cancer/leukemic cells, down from the 15% the month previous. I am humble and grateful to report ZERO!!! Beyond what was expected. Truly our prayers are being answered and that is GREAT news.

Having said all of this, they will continue with SethMan's road map and continue the remaining courses of Chemo. Tests will continue to be run and progress checked. We are not out of the woods, but what a fighter SethMan is and what a privilege it is to know him!

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We are still accepting donations to help with the mounting expenses. We are grateful for all that have donated and helped in anyway, we wouldn't have made it this far alone! God Bless You!

PS: I am hoping for a picture soon....hint hint!

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